26th February 2020

The event for media technology professionals from micro content creators through to large scale broadcast.


Now Open!

The KitPlus Show is an independent, FREE to attend event in London, Shoreditch, on 26th February and Manchester, MediaCityUK, on 10th November 2020.
Get up close and hands-on with the latest technology, talk to manufacturers & experts, attend seminars & workshops and network with the industry.

Brands on Show

You will see equipment & technology from the following manufacturers and exhibitors. There are many more to add to the list which grows every week so check back regularly and follow @kitplusuk

  • Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd

    Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd

    Cirro Lite provide a comprehensive service for those looking for lighting for film, television, video production and still photography where special lighting effects or a controllable precision light source is required.

    Brands represented by Cirro Lite include Kino Flo, who are the premier providers of colour correct LED lighting systems for feature film, commercial, television and studio lighting applications, demanding high quality continuous soft light; Dedolight, who are renowned for providing some of the best optically designed lighting instruments currently available; the original Hollywood grip equipment manufacturer, Matthews Studio Equipment; and ProFound, who have developed a range of uniquely robust flexible panels using the latest LED technology. They all offer beautiful soft, high output light in a unique form factor.

    Cirro Lite also provide a lighting design service including web studio design and audio visual lighting design as well as lighting equipment for hire from a large rental stock for the UK market.

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  • Cuescript


    When choosing a prompting company what are the main factors in making your choice?

    CueScript are a teleprompting company with a fresh way of thinking; modern and progressive whilst upholding old-school values. Home to the first complete IP-based prompting solution, we've been leading the way since day one. 

    With design for purpose, ingenuity and quality at the forefront, we have developed a range of exciting products. Understanding the needs of the customer and listening to the end user are sometimes forgotten. CueScript invite free thinking, we want to push boundaries and we have the drive and ability to promptly react to ideas or requests. 

    IP is in our DNA

    Broadcasters and system integrators looking at all-SMPTE IP installations no longer have to rely on SDI-SMPTE gateway converters, thus allowing our CSMv2 prompter displays a seamless interconnection with 10GigaBit fibre IP switches. This allows both the prompt and talent monitor to be fed from a single 10GB fibre cable, when the talent monitor is an existing CueScript HD-SDI display. 

    For customers that want a complete IP flexibility but do not have a 10GB IP-based video switch, the CSMv2 also includes CueScript’s innovative IP connectivity, now referred to as CueTALK, which provides seamless operation through standard CAT5/6 IT infrastructure. 

    We provide broadcasters and prompter users with a flexible solution that encompasses conventional connectivity (Composite or HD-SDI video), as well as full IP connectivity, all in the one system, as standard; thereby supporting you for today and tomorrow, future proofing your purchase.


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  • Dedolight


    Dedolight continues to build upon its long list of credits in film, television and still photography and continues expand its extensive range of luminaires and system accessories. The unique control capabilities of Dedolight, along with its low projected heat and minimal current draw, the Dedolight optical system is unique and offers the most controllable light on the market offering absolute creative freedom.

    DLED3, DLED4 and DLED7 have become the industry standard hard lights on a film and TV studio floor as well as for location work.

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  • DekTec


    DTU-351 ( add Photo of DTU-351)

    Portable USB-3 Waveform Vectorscope for HD-SDI and now also for 4K

    Offers a complete set of tools for real-time and offline analysis of SDI signals at great value for money.

    DTA-2195 ( add photo of DTA-2195)

    The ultimate 4K-UHD I/O card for PC! Output 12G-SDI and/or HDMI 2.0 signals from your application, add HDR and Dolby Atmos® if needed. Then again, capture 12G-SDI or configure a port for DVB-ASI to work with transport streams.


    H264 Encoder card

    A low-latency audio/video encoder taking zero CPU cycles. Ideal for compressing an HD-SDI signal, or for converting the PC's desktop to H.264 or MPEG-2 Video.
    The hardware is based on field-proven Magnum encoding technology

    Quine at the KitPlus Show MediaCityUK

    For the very first time in UK, Quine showcases its QuineBox IoT.

    Shoot = Ready To Edit!

    QuineBox IoT will change how we produce. The camera is no longer a disconnected entity on-set until the files are copied and transcoded at the ned of the day.



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  • Fujinon


    Join us at the Kit Plus Show and find out more about the latest in 4K Optical Technology

    MK Anamorphic!

    SLR Magic have produced a great Anamorphic adaptor that fits on many lenses but was designed primarlily for use with the MK Lenses from Fujinon. When coupled with a follow focus motor system from PDMOVIE (also on display at KitPlus), synchronising the focus on the adaptor and lens is easy. The 1.33x anamorphic effect is very beautiful and cinematic and at a price never really been seen before for this sort of product.
    The MK lenses are about 3.5k GBP each, the anamorphic adaptor is around 2k GBP and the focus motor is around 800 GBP. That’s switchable spherical / anamorphic zoom lenses covering around 30mm - 135mm for less than 10k GBP! One single Cooke Anamorphic Prime lens is around 35k!
    XK20-120 T3.5 Cine Zoom lens - available without drive unit
    The ever-popular and extremely versatile Cabrio XK20-120 (also known as the XK6x20) Cine zoom lens will be on display on a RED Helium for visitors to get their hands on. Since the 1st November it has been available without the drive unit which makes it more affordable to those intending to use it as a fully manual Cine lens. Covering such a wide focal length and with a T stop of 3.5 with no ramping at all, and now available for under 10k GBP, the XK20-120 will be the go-to lens choice for a lot of people who previously thought it was outside of their budget

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  • Glensound


    Glensound is pleased to present the award-winning DIVINE Audio Monitor, a Dante®/AES67 compliant, PoE powered loudspeaker featuring 4 AoIP audio inputs.  DIVINE won four awards at the NAB Show in Las Vegas in April 2019, including three Best of Show Awards from Radio World, TV Technology, and Sound & Video Contractor Magazines, in addition to Product of the Year in the inaugural NAB Show Awards, and a further two Best of Show Awards from TVB Europe and PSN Europe at IBC Amsterdam in September 2019. 
    Divine is a new concept in powered network audio monitors. Housed in a hardwearing fully sealed diecast enclosure, it is powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) and boasts the very latest low-noise  high-output class D power amplifier.  Uniquely, a priority system is provided to allow one (or more) of the inputs to automatically duck another, useful for monitoring one source whilst listening to another when audio is present, such as sending show relay to theatre dressing rooms but having the stage manager’s call and building fire alarm take precedence when they’re active.

    For a small, high quality, network audio intercom, at a price significantly less than the market leaders, look at the Glensound Beatrice system.  This Dante®/AES67 system offers beltpacks, desktop and rack units, in 1 to 6 channel versions – even featuring a bright red phone!

    Glensound is the leading designer of announcers’ boxes and broadcast audio products in Europe, specialising in Network Audio, announcers’ and communication equipment, with over 15,000 announcers’ boxes supplied Worldwide. Their products are designed and manufactured in their own UK factories in Maidstone, Kent, which ensures complete quality control from first design to finished product. With distribution across the globe, Glensound products are available and supported worldwide.
    Glensound is agile enough to react to customer feedback quickly, from Chief Designer to the newest apprentice, and are at the forefront of innovative design and manufacture of quality audio broadcast equipment.  These qualities make Glensound market leaders in the field. Glensound never stand still and their passion for broadcast audio is as strong today as when they started out 53 years ago.

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  • Gravity Media

    Gravity Media

    Gravity Media exists to create world-class content that inspires and excites. Our 500 people serve clients in all markets, from sport and media to news and entertainment, working all over the world from bases in the UK, Australia, USA, France, Germany and Qatar.

    We are driven by client service excellence. We’re always looking and listening, keeping up with the latest broadcast innovations – or pioneering them. Above all, we channel our energy into maintaining our reputation for flawless execution, deep technical expertise, and efficient delivery.

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  • JVC Professional

    JVC Professional

    JVC will demonstrate its full range of professional video solutions at this year’s KitPlus show.

    JVC’s range of camcorders include the new GY-HC500E/ GY-HC550E which are 1” 4K camcorders, offering the flexibility of a 20x zoom lens along with the creative imaging control of a high- resolution 1” 4K sensor. The GY-HC500E/ GY-HC550E supports HDR recording, with the choice of recording 4K or HD to SD card or optional SSD media, which allows recording to the high-quality Apple Prores 422 10 bit codec.

    Also, for creative filmmakers, the GY-LS300CHE Super35 4K camcorder supports 50p 4:2:2 live output allowing high quality recording to an external device. With an MFT mount, the GY-LS300CHE allows a wide range of lens to be used for maximum creative control.

    JVC has long been a leader in IP connectivity for cameras, and also on display will be JVC’s range of connected cameras which offer class-leading IP capability including live streaming and remote camera control, perfect for low- cost studio applications.

    For studio and live production use, the KY-PZ100 PTZ camera will be on display which is a high quality, cost-effective remote PTZ camera; when used with the RM-LP100 camera controller up to 99 cameras may be controlled.  With NDI options also available, the KY-PZ100 is ideal whether an HDMI, SDI or IP streaming system is required. 

    Also for live production use, the new CONNECTED CAM STUDIO  range of IP production switchers are ideal for sports and live production such as sports,  concerts, conferences and theatres. The CONNECTED CAM STUDIO range allows video and audio sources from SDI, HDMI, and IP to be seamlessly mixed and delivered to a range of platforms.

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  • KinoFlo


    Kino Flo Lighting Systems keep expanding their high-quality LED lighting range. The highlight of the show will be the brand new FreeStyle LED Tubes. This unique lighting tool displays Kino Flo’s award-winning True Match® white light and RGBWW colour management system found in the FreeStyle 41, 31 and 21 LED portable systems, the Diva-Lite LED video field production lights, and the Celeb 850, 450, 450Q and 250 premium studio softlights.

    With nearly 360° of light radiation these tubes are perfect for using in the traditional 4Bank fixtures or bare, outside the fixture due to their glow similar to that of the traditional Kino Flo lamps. The lightweight tubes can be taped to a set wall, customized to form arrays in soft boxes or hung as “ladders” of light for illuminating stage backdrops. A narrow aluminium rail built into each LED lamp expands the mounting options for special lighting designs.

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  • Lumix


    Lumix will be on hand at the KitPlus Show on the Panasonic booth to demonstrate its latest innovations in mirrorless technology, including the full-frame S1H and S1R and the highly flexible GH5S. There will also be a chance for attendees to get hands-on with the brand-new X1500 camcorder, also recently announced at CES 2020.

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  • Magic Video Box

    Magic Video Box

    Magic Video Box creates eye contact in films.

    As Flexible Films, we have been making films since 2002 for NGOs, charities, businesses and NHS England. Five years ago, we designed the Magic Video Box because we needed to film subjects looking directly into the camera lens. There wasn’t anything on the market that fitted our budget and needs so we decided to make our own. We have since filmed hundreds of great interviews and presentations and launched the Magic Video Box in October 2019.

    We have been supported by PEW Electricals, a client who was so impressed – they offered to help with manufacturing, distribution and marketing. The Magic Video Box has been used in Straight Talking, a SKY documentary shot in Namibia and featuring Ant Middleton and Liam Payne. It is also being used in Channel 5’s Police Code Zero: Officers Under Attack.

    As well as creating compelling footage where the audience feel they are being directly addressed, the Magic Video Box also enhances the filming experience. The box is beautiful in design resembling a 1920s film box and sits in front of the camera. Depending on the angle of the box, the Talent sees a reflection of either a scrolling script or the interviewer’s face. They quickly relax and this allows for open and intimate dialogue that can last for as along as needed. There’s something quite special about talking to someone through the box.

    Feedback has been very positive with people saying they have found the Magic Video Box ‘fun, simple and easy’ to be filmed by. The films as a result are engaging and impactful. We have found in particular with the work we do that the result really is magic.

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  • Matthews


    Matthews Studio Equipment – one of the original grip manufacturers from Hollywood, renowned for their innovation and design. Matthews today continue a long-established reputation for making the best lighting grip equipment as well as setting the standards for reflectors, fabrics, scrims and many of the standard grip accessories.

    At the MediaCity they will feature their new Panel Stand. A strong, lightweight crank stand with low profile legs for clearance of long, wide, or low hanging panel lights, balloon lights, large monitors, LED screens, overhead frames, and backdrops.

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  • Neutrik


    Neutrik is an international corporation with over 40 years of know-how and experience in the manufacture of innovative electrical and electronic interconnection products and systems. The company was founded in 1975 by Bernhard Weingartner and the owners of NeuElektrik AG, Gebhard Sprenger and Josef Gstoehl. The idea was and still is to create innovative products by utilizing the most recent mechanical and electronic know-how. Today we are the world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing of audio, coaxial, power and circular connectors. Our main objective is to be „one step ahead“, i. e. to understand the future market needs before they become obvious and to accommodate demands before they occur.

    Our audio range includes XLR connectors, plugs, jacks, speaker connectors, patch bays and fiber optic connection systems. Since the beginning in 1975, a great number of patents as well as license agreements are the evidence of Neutrik‘s innovative and creative achievements. No doubt, our customers can rely on having high quality products at an unsurpassed cost/performance ratio in their hands whenever they come across Neutrik.

    Neutrik is committed to excellence in innovation, total quality based on ISO 9001-2008 and a reliable customer relationship.

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  • Panasonic


    At KitPlus London, Panasonic will be demonstrating the latest in its production and live event technology. This will include a first-hand look at the new CX10, the lightest camcorder on the market capable of capturing 4K images at 50/60p. The CX350 will also be on show, with both 4K fixed-lens camcorders having been designed to support the curation of high-quality content for live-streaming to platforms.

    Lumix will be on hand to demonstrate its latest innovations in mirrorless technology, including the full-frame S1H and S1R and the highly flexible GH5S. There will also be a chance for attendees to get hands-on with the brand-new X1500 camcorder, also recently announced at CES 2020.

    A selection of Panasonic’s market-leading PTZ technology will be shown, which are being readily used for a wide array of productions that includes fixed-rig observational documentaries and live event capture.

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  • Portaprompt


    Portaprompt will be showing our 365 Tablet based Personal Prompter and the 465 which converts the 365 into a 10” Microprompt with a PC based workflow.

    We will also be showing our Fusion mid budget range, our Quasar and Premium displays (10” to 24”) from our Broadcast line up and our Windigi Prompting software and Control / Scrolling devices all of which are IP ready

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  • PrimeLight Design

    PrimeLight Design

    Come and try out the new VoxBox Pro. It's a two-way mirror box which positions in front of the camera lens. It allows filmmakers to shoot down-the-lens interviews while maintaining eye contact between the interviewer and the subject.

    The manufacturer, PrimeLight Design, will be on hand to show you how quick and easy it is to rig to the camera, as well as giving you an opportunity to test it with a real subject!

    VoxBox Pro

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  • Pro Motion Hire

    Pro Motion Hire

    Pro Motion has a strong reputation for investing in the latest technology which means we can offer great equipment and first class knowledge, which in turn allows us to deliver an unrivaled service.

    At the KitPlus event we will have the latest cameras and information on all our current training courses.

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  • Sennheiser


    Our main product focus is the Digital 6000 wireless mic solution. Since we last visited the KitPlus show the system has benefited from a couple of significant updates –

    The system now includes command mode for talkback functionality (available as a free update on older Digital 6000 systems)

    The Dante receiver version (EM 6000 Dante) now includes a second port for redundant networks or daisy chain cabling.

    The EK 6042 dual channel slot in receiver has also been updated with ‘Party Dial’ mode – a hot key which allows users to quickly jump between pre-programmed frequencies with just one press of a button

    evolution wireless G4 – the fourth generation of our best-selling wireless mic family is now shipping. The range includes the brand-new ew 500P series for filmmakers and professional broadcasters.

    And the Partnership Program for AMBEO VR Mic continues to flourish, with Zoom, Dear Reality, Orah and most recently Sound Devices joining the program.

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  • Sony


    Some highlights from Sony at the KitPlus Show

    Virtual Production

    Virtual Production is an on-demand cloud production service that provides a complete production toolset for multi-platform professional simultaneous streaming, only when you need it.

    There no infrastructure requirements, no capex investment, not even the need to download software.


    Setting the standard for handheld image quality and direct to air broadcasting in the IoT era.

    An all-new camcorder with a class-leading 4K 3CMOS 1/2-type sensor providing the pinnacle of 4K HDR performance in your hand. Face Detection AF keeps your subject in focus, while HLG and S-Log3 provide stunning HDR to suit any workflow.

    Deliver your content faster wherever you are. PXW-Z280 is the world’s first camcorder with Dual Link Cellular capability for double the uplink performance and reliability.

    Sony DWX Generation 3 Digital Wireless

    The 3rd generation of DWX series with a Micro-Transmitter designed to meet the future demand of theatres, live events and broadcasters. Sony DWX Gen-3 delivers outstanding sound quality with extremely low latency of 1.2ms, exceptionally reliable operation by using the Sony HDR (high dynamic range) RF circuit and now supports digital audio network over IP (AoIP) utilising Dante® technology.

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  • Systembase Ltd

    Systembase Ltd

    Systembase are pleased to announce the launch SIPit pro, a cloud based transversal SIP server for broadcasters. The server has been developed to allow SIP compliant codecs from various manufacturers to communicate with each other at ease, removing the networking issues associated with AoIP connectivity. The main benefits of SIPit pro are, a secure network environment, no router configuration, minimal delay audio, interoperability between differing hardware manufacturers, support for a vast range of audio codec algorithms and a Web based control environment. 

    Find out more here and

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  • TVU Networks

    TVU Networks

    Setting trends in live IP video solutions. More information to follow on products and tech that TVU Networks will be showing at the KitPlus Show.

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Seminars & Sessions

Sessions are free to attend on a first come basis and times will be finalised a week before the show. We'll be adding more seminars and sessions so please check back regularly and follow @kitplusuk

Lighting using the latest technology combined with classical techniques
Main Stage
Lighting using the latest technology combined with classical techniques

Ian Murray has worked for over 25 years as an established commercial DOP. His career spans from film through the adoption of digital cameras to the present day. While the technology has changed, the fundamentals of good photography has not.

In this talk Ian explores his own work and explains his methods. He explains his excitement about the latest technology and how it enhances his work in a way that builds on the great filmmakers of the past, and even the great master painters in the world of cinematography.

Lighting using the latest technology combined with classical techniques
Ian Murray
Director of Photography
Live Streaming: The Problem with E-Sports
Main Stage
Live Streaming: The Problem with E-Sports

In this session we talk to award winning e-sports streaming expert and Technical Guarantee Jon Pratchett covering projects such as Call of Duty World League and the first 4k esports stream over 5G.

In the session Jon will discuss:

Image, resolution and frame rate and the impact of different frame rates for players over viewers.

Audio and comms, such as commentators feeds, sound from game, chat from players.

Graphics, game overlays, countdowns, brackets and PiP's.

Networking, gamers network, streaming and production network.

Streaming solutions, encoders and third party streaming distribution options

Jon Pratchett has been in the broadcast and live streaming industry for over 25years, With a strong IT/Networking background, he is also an accomplished DOP, Live and Production Sound engineer, Production Gallery designer and brought in by production companies to "make things work and solve technical problems"

Live Streaming: The Problem with E-Sports
Live Stream Technical Guarantee

Why Should You Attend?

Everyone is welcome at the KitPlus show whether you are at university and just starting your journey in this industry or maybe getting back into it after a break. Our audience is always diverse and attentive and ultimately with a common interest in the last technology.

The KitPlus Show is where you can see leading manufacturers, distributors and dealers of pro video, broadcast and media kit up close and in a friendly and relaxed environment with seminars and training sessions also taking place during the show.

Got a burning question, on the edge of investing some hard earned cash in new kit, a problem you just can't overcome or evening a burningly awesome feature idea? The KitPlus Show is where you can see the manufacturers, chat about what you do and how you do it. They are at the show because they want to talk to you!

Aside from the latest kit to see and the cutting edge information gathering seminar and training session there is another aspect of the show that draws people to come - the networking opportunities. In an industry where what you know if crucial but who you know is equal then come and mix, chat and discuss.

What visitors think

Leading Manufacturers

It's great catching up with leading industry manufacturers at the show.

Cutting Edge

Stay on the cutting edge, the main names are all here and some I didn't expect to see as well!

Latest Technology

See what is happening in the industry with all the new equipment and technology.

Sponsors and Partners

Thank you to all our partners and sponsors who support the KitPlus Shows.



    Welcome to BECTU the UK's media and entertainment trade union providing support to staff and freelancers. Whether you’re a new entrant or more experienced, join us for advice and representation on the full range of employment issues; members also benefit from low cost insurances, discounted training and networking events. Our legal services, tax advice and help with monies owed cases are much valued too. Be part of our growing union and help us to build a better working environment for all. Sectors covered include broadcasting, film, independent production, theatre and the arts, live events, leisure and digital media. New members joining at the show can save 25% on their first year’s subscriptions. We also offer new entrant membership and run the free Student Register, a contact scheme for those studying for a career in the creative sectors. Visit our stand to find out more. BECTU has been part of Prospect, the union for professionals, since 1 January 2017.

    On facebook at /bectuofficial On twitter @bectu

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  • GTC- The Guild of Television Camera Professionals

    GTC- The Guild of Television Camera Professionals

    The GTC was formed in 1972 and now has almost 1,400 members worldwide, working in all aspects of television and the wider industry including corporate and online. In 2016 the International Association of Wildlife Filmmakers became affiliated with the GTC, to include those specialising in wildlife and nature filming.

    We are a non-profit making organisation, run by a voluntary council of camera professionals. The GTC is financed partly by members' subscriptions, but also by considerable sponsorship from a number of equipment manufacturers and suppliers. As a result, the GTC offers a channel for manufacturers to consult with working camerapeople when designing new equipment.

    Our aim is to preserve the status of those working professionally with cameras and to establish, uphold and advance standards and expertise within our industry. To this end the Guild runs workshops for its members, a lively forum to share knowledge and many other benefits including special rates on Public Liability Insurance.

    The GTC produces two publications: Zerb twice a year, and GTC In Focus four times per year.

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  • Manor Marketing

    Manor Marketing

    Manor Marketing is a full-service marketing communications, social media, PR and events agency, specialising in digital and B2B promotions for the media entertainment industries.

    Now in its eighteenth year of business, working alongside in-house marketing or becoming the outsourced marketing department, Manor Marketing continues to excel at offering premier marketing and communications services through a dedicated, experienced and qualified team. Manor Marketing has won a number of industry awards over the years and has also been recognised by NAB as a Social Influencer for 2018 and 2019. Agency personnel are also regularly employed on an interim basis for marketing, events and sales roles.

    Flexibility has never been more important in broadcast, and marketing consultancy is no exception, so we tailor our approach and level of service to fit what’s actually required, and sometimes have to be brutally honest about what we see as necessary versus the in-house perception. That flexibility and insight has led us to assisting companies, our specialty being SMEs, through everything from new product launches to MBO and VC journeys. Although we built our reputation by working with broadcast manufacturers, facilities companies, and professional associations, we’ve recently diversified into AV and other media entertainment sectors. As we said, flexibility.

    But no matter who we consult for, everything we do has a commercial focus. We’re not just about getting print and online articles published. We tailor content to be pushed through multiple platforms, which obviously includes social media, home pages, sales collateral, etc. Our technical knowledge ensures that we can communicate messages from the very basic to the very complicated, depending on the intended audience. However, behind it all, the end goal is to ensure our clients are highly visible to decision makers and therefore, potential revenue generators.

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About the KitPlus Show

The KitPlus Show is now 10 years old and over this time has been across the UK with events near key media hubs in Belfast, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol and London.

Often timed to after a major global trade show the KitPlus Show gives visitors the chance to see the very latest in new kit in their region in a friendly and relaxed environment. As well as kit to try and manufacturers to speak there are workshops, training sessions and seminars throughout the day together with, and what more and more people are looking for, those excellent networking opportunities.

2020 will see the show in arguably the UK's two main media centres on 26th February in Shoreditch, London E1 and then MediaCityUK, Manchester on 10th November.

The show, and seminars, are free to attend with brands covering the broad spectrum of the pro-video, broadcast and media industry.

Above all everyone is welcome no matter what stage of your journey through our industry you might be at. Please do register before you come as you will receive your badge in advance to remove any delays in getting in on the day. We look forward to seeing you.

There are always lots more exhibitors that come to the KitPlus Show as well as last minute seminar additions so please register (it is FREE) now and we will keep you up to date as we approach the day of the show.

The Truman Brewery above U-Block,
91 Brick Lane,
E1 6QL

Travel Tips

Local Transport

Tube and rail is your best route to the KitPlus Show and is easily reached on foot from any of these stations...

Shoreditch High Street Station
Walking: 5 minutes

Liverpool Street Station
Walking: 10 minutes

Aldgate East Station
Walking: 10 minutes

Old Street Station
Walking: 15 minutes

Food and Drink

You could fill a whole new website with just the places to enjoy awesome food and drink in and around Shoreditch. Whatever your taste from street food to some of best curry places in town then it is all on the doorstep of the KitPlus Show. No matter whether your taste is Vegan, Japanese, Indian, Italian, cocktails or locally brewed ales then this vibrant buzzing place has it all.


If you're coming by car then you have three car parks, all situated outsdie of ther congestion zone (but please do check TFL for confirmation as zones do change!). Parking charges will apply and please do check opening hours etc (link)

Ely's Yard Car Park
1-15 Hanbury Street London E1 6QR

Grey Eagle St. Car Park
Grey Eagle Street, London, E1 6SN

Brick Lane Car Park
91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL

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