KitPlus Seminar sessions at MediaCityUK 2019.More info to come soon with session times confirmed one week before the show.

Broadcast Quality Live Event Streaming. 11:00am

With Kriss Hampton and Alex Pettitt

In this interactive session Kriss Hampton talks to Alex Pettitt about creating high quality content paired with bespoke social media strategies to maximise reach, engagement and brand awareness. There will be a focus on Alex's work as Live Stream and Technical Consultant on hugely popular YouTube series such as "The Kick Off" and England's "Lions Den". Also, his work on how interactive live streaming can generate high levels of engagement and fosters loyalty.

As always there will be plenty of time for Q&A's during and after the discussion.

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Equipping The Next Generation. 12:00noon


Janan Yakula – Lecturer Film Production
Louise Ready-Syrat – Lecturer BA TV & Radio
Alex Lichtenfels - Salford University
Sam Davis – University of Salford Graduate

Hosted by Dick Hobbs

In the world of fast evolving technology our esteemed panel will discuss where we are with equipping the next generation and what skills and kit students need to learn and ultimately ensure the best employment opportunities.

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YouTube – The Myths, The Business and The Opportunities. 2:00pm

With Cherry Wallis, Chris Pearless and Matt Lees (Shut Up & Sit Down).

Hosted by Alex Pettitt

With a combined 750,000 YouTube subscribers, 100 million periscope hearts and more social stats our guests on this panel session are ready to discuss the online video business and commercial models.

Our experts will dispel myths surrounding online video channels (they are not all millionaires!), how to grow, improve the skills needed and the new technology available (and what difference it might make) in this ever growing broadcast sector.

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Full Frame Filmmaking. 3:00pm

With Neil Thompson

Neil Thompson, freelance engineer and Sony independent certified expert, will guide you through some complex technical issues in a straightforward and practical way. Using the Sony VENICE and PXW-FX9 to illustrate the benefits, and what might catch you out, this seminar will guide you through the move in to the full frame world.

Come and find out what all the hype is about with Sony’s new full-frame 6k sensor camera with Fast Hybrid AF, Dual Base ISO and S-Cinetone™ colour science

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