Seminars and Exhibitors in Manchester.

The KitPlus Show has some industry leading seminar content on the 6th November. All sessions are free to attend with plenty of seating so no need to book a place.

Scroll down to see the extensive list of leading brands at the show with more to add in the coming days.


Size Matters!

With Alister Chapman

In recent years there has been a move from traditional sized 1/2” and 2/3” sensor to larger super 35mm sensors for many types of video production, not just digital cinema. But is this always the best way to go? Large sensors are certainly fashionable but are they right for you and the types of productions you produce? In this seminar we will look at:

  • The history of video camera sensor sizes.
  • Where do the different sizes come from.
  • Why the shift towards larger sensors?
  • The strengths of a larger sensor.
  • Why are zoom lens options so limited with larger sensors.
  • The strengths of a smaller sensor.
  • New sensor technologies that are narrowing the performance gap.
  • Thinking about how you shoot. If you shoot at f5.6 is there any point to a large sensor camera?
  • What can a small sensor camera do that a large sensor can’t?

Size matters Alister Chapman


IP Video (uncompressed) Basics

With Ed Calverley

This session recaps the basics of video and networking that everyone in broadcast needs to know but which regularly get overlooked or are misunderstood. Ed will attempt to demystify the ever growing list of buzzwords, standards and protocols and explain why ST 2110 has the potential to make system architectures so much more flexible.

  • Video Basics
  • Understand where we came from to understand now!
  • Networking Basics
  • What you really need to know
  • Sending uncompressed video over IP
  • SMPTE 2022-6
  • SMPTE 2110
SDI over IP Ed Calverley


Working Cable-Free

With Richard Payne

Holdan’s Head of Technology Richard Payne takes you through the latest wireless monitoring systems offering real world tips and tricks to get the best out of Wireless video monitoring. The session will cover:

  • Range
  • Interference
  • Signal Blocking (trees, walls and people)
  • Solutions
  • Encryption
  • ….and consequences!

Finishing with Q&A and Richards very own secret wireless tips!

Richard Payne

More seminar sessions to be announced here soon! 

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A.C. Entertainment TechnologiesAJA VideoAltered ImagesAtomosAudio Design (Reading)Avid
axle VideoBECTUBlackmagic DesignBPSBroadcast BionicsCanford
CanonChroma-QCirro Lite (Europe) LtdCodexDatavideoDedolight
DMG Lumiere by RoscoDoP ChoiceFujinonGaffers ControlGlensoundGlobal Distribution
GoProGTC- The Guild of Television Camera ProfessionalsG-TechnologyHoldanHudson SpiderIDT Vision
IDXIkegamiJVC ProfessionalKaysKinoFloLacie
LCALEDGOLibecLitegearMatthewsMiller Camera Support Equipment
OmnitekPanasonicPolecamPortapromptProdysPro Motion Hire
ProvisionQ3 MediaQuantumQuasar ScienceScan Pro VideoSennheiser
ShapeSonyStreamerTally TechnologiesTour Flex CablingZEISS



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