See the highlights of our Glasgow 2018 show below.

We will be back in Glasgow on 14th May 2019 and all the information will be updated soon. Get registered now to keep up to date!

A quick edited highlights of Glasgow 2018

Things you may have missed in Glasgow this year. We will be back in 2019 with an even bigger show...

11:30am: Filmmaking and Lighting with Douglas Cambell

"Over the 40 years I’ve worked as a cameraman i have seen a sea change in technology. Starting in the mid 70’s at Ealing Film Studios we were shooting Eastman colour neg on 16mm Arriflex BL cameras. The film was slow with an ISO of 100 and the lens had a maximum aperture of 3:!. So every interior had to be lit but that wasn’t a problem in the mid 70’s the minimum size for a documentary crew was 7: Cameraman, assistant cameraman, sound recordist, assistant sound recordist, director, production assistant and an electrician, even if you were only using a battery light. So no problem as a cameraman the heaviest work you had to do was lifting a light meter and tell somebody where to put the lights.

It’s very different today. Cameras can literally see in the dark and the chances are that you’ll be on your own or if you’re lucky you may have a runner fresh out of college. So do we need to think about light any more and are we wasting our time designing and building a new lighting range?

Lights are a powerful tool so lets have a look at a very simple set up and see what we can achieve."

Douglas Campbell could be described as part of the "Documentary Dynasty". He has worked with Scotland's best known filmmakers winning a plethora of credits and awards.

We're delighted to have his company at the KitPlus Show in Glasgow in this unique seminar session covering the kit he carries, the challenges and problems he overcomes and of course the techniques he has used and perfected over his career.

Douglas Cambell
1pm: Everything you need to know about the future of wireless microphones

Do you use wireless? Have you heard about the changes to the 700MHz band? What about the 600MHz band? Or the 500MHz band? What are the alternatives? Is going Digital the solution? Are all digital systems the same? Is analogue wireless dead?

How do I choose? In just one hour or less – Andy Lillywhite from Sennheiser will try to answer these questions, or at least help you find the answers. Or you could just ask that bloke down the pub…

Hover over the 2 minute intro of Andy's indepth session to get a idea of what you will learn, there are always plenty of Q&A opportunities.


2:30pm: Full Frame: What does it mean for Cinematography?

With the introduction of high-end, full frame cinema cameras and lenses, it’s a good time to discuss where they fit in the market, what benefits they bring and what the downsides are for larger sensor filmmaking.

Don't miss out on this session answering everything you need to know and with plenty of Q&A time afterwards.

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