KitPlus in Bristol was held on 16th May 2019, if you came along then thanks and if you didn't then look out for our 2020 events which we will be promoting soon.

The information below gives you an idea of the type of seminar and workshops that we run during the day.

Adobe Training Workshops at KitPlus 2019

In partnership with MediaCity Training we will have hands-on Adobe Premiere Pro workshops in Bristol. Session times to be confirmed.

10:45am Session 1 - World Cup winning workflows

  • Creating master folder templates for easy & managed ingest
  • Creating the ultimate master project template
  • Effective methods of importing materials
  • Remapping the keyboard & some killer shortcuts
  • Using clip colour labels & markers with duration
  • Intelligent methods of repurposing sequences for different platforms i.e Instagram, Facebook
  • Publishing to multiple platforms effectively

  • Session length - 45 mins

12:15pm Session 2 - Working with Colour

  • How to read & work with scopes to analyse and manage the exposure & colour balance of clips
  • Use of recorded grey card to neutralise & fix colour
  • Working with Log - using the Luma curve to adjust clip luminance
  • Adjustment layer & master clip grading
  • Shot matching techniques

  • Session length - 45 mins

2:00pm Session 3 - Premiere Rush - an Introduction

  • What is Premiere Rush and why you should be using it
  • UI overview
  • Creating an edit
  • Adding titles, transitions & grades
  • Working with sound
  • Publishing your edit
  • Migrating to Premiere Pro

  • Session length - 45 mins

12 noon

Using External Monitor-Recorders and the Benefits to Workflow, HDR and RAW

Regardless of whether you are an independent filmmaker, production team or broadcaster if you are shooting with mirrorless, pro video, broadcast and even cinema cameras the benefits of adding an external monitor-recorder to your setup can pay dividends to the efficiency and speed of your workflow, not only on location or during filming but also during the post production process.

Working with Log picture formats, cameras with RAW capabilities or needing to shoot or deliver HDR content always presents challenges that today’s advanced monitor-recorders can easily overcome and really enhance the quality of your productions. This session will provide an overview of reasons why the use of external monitoring and/or recording is relevant to all camera operators and productions, as well as delve further in to the capabilities and enhancements available to you particularly when working with high-frame rates, RAW-capable cameras and combined SDR/HDR requirements.

Field Recorders



Ultra Slomo? Factors to consider and differences to conventional filming.

Have you thought about slow motion imaging, but dismissed it as a specialist technique? Come and find out about ultra slomo imaging, and the factors you need to consider.

In this session David Rudeforth (IDT UK) will cover the history of high speed imaging, lighting considerations, image capture and workflow for various applications amongst other topics. Maybe you’ll want to use slow motion in your next production!

Mediacity Training- Adobe workshop



Size Matters and The Right Tool For The Job

For the past 5 years large sensor cameras have been all the rage. Sony’s PXW-FS7 has been an incredibly popular camera for everything from news to drama production. In part this has been because it’s been difficult to get 4K, high dynamic range and good low light performance from cameras with smaller sensors. That is until now.

Sony’s new PXW-Z280 offers all of these features in a compact, handheld camera with 3x 1/2” sensors and a 17x zoom lens, the Z90 offers amazing 4K performance from a 1” sensor in an incredibly compact camcorder.


So which is right for you and the productions you are involved in?

Do you need a large sensor for a shallow depth of field or do you need the versatility of a big zoom range for quick run and gun filming?

In this seminar Alister Chapman will look at how the combination of a 17x f1.9 lens and 1/2” sensors of the Z280 can offer image performance very similar to a PXW-FS7 setup with a very typical f4 zoom. The Z280’s integrated, fast f1.9 lens makes it possible to create shallow depth of field images and offers exceptional low light performance. We will compare the low light capabilities and depth of field of all of these cameras. What about dynamic range, log and HDR?

The Z280/Z190 and Z90 all offer the ability to shoot in HDR. Learn about how you can shoot S-log3 images for post production grading or Hybrid Log Gamma images for an instant, straight from the camera, HDR image compatible with most HDR displays.

So if you are looking for a new camera and are unsure about what to get, why not attend this informative informative session with Alisterwho has shot a couple of very different projects with the Z280 and Z90.


Need refuelling on the day?

OK so it's not a seminar session but we are delighted to have possibly the best pizza in Bristol on site for the day. Check out their website and treat youself to a pizzas lunch on the day!

If you don't have time for lunch then don't miss the free tea or coffee served throughout the day.

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